Today in Learning

I learned that people can make a game called Goat Simulator and the irony level will be just enough that people will dish out $10 for it.

I learned that EA stopped supporting multiplayer/online for Spore which made me kind of sad.

I learned that you can make text adventures fun if you’re actually a funny person.

I learned that I shouldn’t wait too long before walking my incontinent dog and then watch TV with her on the couch.

I learned that RSS readers have gotten a lot better since the last time I used them in 2009 so now I have a feedly account.

I learned that The Stanley Parable has been sitting in my Steam library, unplayed, for far too long so I’ll probably get on that soon.

I learned that people care way too much about Oculus being bought by facebook and that they’ve already added some cool new folks to the team.

I learned how to write blog posts that seem relevant but when you think about it, there’s no real substance to this sourceless rambling.



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