icon-inverted1.pngPositive reviews with a smile, because no free-to-play mobile game is so terrible it doesn’t deserve a sarcastic compliment.

Innocent Reviews takes a step back from the crusty critical thought most reviewers out there put into reviewing free-to-play mobile games. I prefer to focus on the light side, no matter what is put in front of me or how ignorant I have to be to not see how awful it is.

Now, part of Innocent Reviews’ policy takes into account that people will inevitably feel that surge of hatred when a game is starts to leave that bad taste in your mouth, like when you hit a paywall or have to consult a wiki just to get past the first boss. To avoid this human failing, I choose to review the first five minutes of a game only, if only to make sure my experience is a positive one. After all, what kind of game could screw up in the first FIVE minutes?

No matter what broken mechanics or questionable systems I run up against, you can bet Innocent Reviews won’t take it to heart. Come on down and watch us eat a pile of steaming gaming garbage with a smile!

I play free-to-play mobile games for five minutes then write a positive review, no matter how stank the game. 



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