Look for this image: it'll show you where the summary of the review is. My reviews are neither timely nor objective.

My reviews are my opinion, not necessarily factual interpretations of the game in question. But that’s the point of a review, isn’t it? Make up your own mind, but here’s what I think: maybe we think the same way and you’ll find what I have to say useful.

My reviews are not split into categories such as “Gameplay” or “Graphics” because I will not always talk about all of the same things every time. I will likely talk about elements from each of the classic game review categories, but I find it impossible to write about a game without talking about how graphics can effect gameplay or how story might impact the lifespan of a game. These things were not meant to be talked about in a vacuum and I believe separating my reviews under such strict guidelines goes against the flow of the review’s prose.

At the bottom of each review you’ll find a PROS and CONS list. This is further split into MAJOR and MINOR points. I believe it’s important to give weight to one aspect of the game but still list the others so that complaints like “game has too much red” doesn’t have the same impact as “game is fundamentally broken and melted my TV.”

I do NOT believe in assigning numbers to games in order to rate them; I’ve done it before and I now agree with all the sheepish journalists out there that say “it’s just random, like how I’m feeling in the moment is how I rate it.” I don’t find numbered ratings accurate or helpful so I won’t be using that rubric here.

If you disagree with me or want to hear more about something I’ve mentioned, let me know in the comments section and I guarantee I’ll get back to you. I really don’t have that much going on in my life.


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