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South Park The Stick of TruthI’ve mentioned before how much I loved Final Fantasy as a kid. I still love it as a concept but something I’m having to come to terms with as an adult is the insane amount of responsibility I now have to things that aren’t video games and how that can and does effect my relationship with complicated games like Final Fantasy and JRPGs in general.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even aware that “Western RPG” was even a term, but when I saw which games fell under that category, The Stick of Truth included, things started to click and I began to think of my RPG experiences in terms of “from here” and “from there”. What I’m learning is that the more games I play “from here,” the more satisfying my experiences are; the more I try to get into JRPGs, though, the easier it is for my frustration to force me to stop playing.

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olli olli

Olli Olli isn’t the type of game I’m normally attracted to by any means: it’s repetitive, arcadey, and just plain frustrating. You play as a pixel-art (already losing interest) skater who has to jump from grind to grind and land with perfectly-timed button presses in order to reach the absurd level goals. However, like so many other games I’ve bought, I listened to the reviews and paid ten bucks for the download.

What I found was that, even though I don’t play it competitively, I still really enjoy Olli Olli. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the reason I was enjoying myself was because of the way the game handles restarting a level. There are so many things thedevelopers did right in this respect, it would be a crime not to acknowledge them.

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